VW Catalytic Converter from Catalytic Converters Online

VW catalytic converters for your Volkswagen model can be found at Catalytic Converters Online, which has a wide selection of direct fit & universal fit converters that are compliant with Federal EPA & California A.R.B. standards.

Catalytic Converters Online understands that there are many different vehicle models out on the roadways, and all these vehicles come in different trims and body style depending upon how you customize your vehicle. Our VW catalytic converters are designed to replace your Volkswagen’s catalytic converter, and we have converters for any other vehicle you may own. We sell Direct Fit Catalytic Converters, Universal Fit Catalytic Converters, California Catalytic Converters and Pre-Catalyst Units. All this denotes more variety and choice for you and every driver that require one of the most important car parts on any vehicle.

Catalytic converters lower the amount of harmful emissions that are ejected from your exhaust system. Although not perfect, catalytic converters have come a long way since they were first marketed for sale back in the early 70’s (the concept of the catalytic converter was actually developed before this time by a man named Eugene Houdry). Modern day catalytic converters are built to last for a long time and help to transform toxic emissions into less harmful emissions from your exhaust pipe. The only problem with this innovative device is that it does produce carbon dioxide, and this is believed to contribute to global warming. However, the extent that carbon dioxide plays a role in global warming is controversial, and vehicles are definitely better off with a VW catalytic converter or other kinds of converters in contrast to nothing at all. If you did not have a VW catalytic converter on your model, deadly toxins such carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen would be produced and really cause alot of problems with public health and the earth's atmosphere. There was a time when automobiles did not have catalytic converters so who knows what kind of toxic poisons were being released into the air and the health problems it might have caused. Luckily, advanced technology has led to better car parts, and a VW catalytic converter from Catalytic Converters Online is just one of many outstanding products we carry.

Most vehicles use what is called a three-way catalytic converter. This is an upgrade over the two-way catalytic converters that were once used. Although it eliminated carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, the two-way catalytic converter was a problem because it was not able to control the issue of nitrogen oxides, something the three-way converter handles efficiently. Catalytic Converters Online not only has a VW catalytic converter for your Volkswagen, but we also provide you with installation guidelines and tech tips. You can read over our warranty information, and feel free to inquire about any Volkswagen catalytic converter or for more information on how converters work. Contact us to order your VW catalytic converter today, and our professionals will be ready to assist you.

At Catalytic Converters Online, you'll not only find VW catalytic converters, but also Honda catalytic converters, Nissan catalytic converters, Mazda catalytic converters, Ford catalytic converters, Toyota catalytic converters, Cadillac catalytic converters, Fiat catalytic converters, Jaguar catalytic converters and plenty of other converters that meet federal EPA and California C.A.R.B. compliance laws.