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The Toyota catalytic converters available at Catalytic Converters Online are compliant with Federal EPA standards, as well as California C.A.R.B. standards, and come in both direct fit & universal fit varieties.

This is important because your Toyota catalytic converter plays a crucial role in how your vehicle performs and the level of harmful emissions it produces. Did you know that it is against the law to not have a catalytic converter on your vehicle or to remove a working catalytic converter? Indeed it is. State, cities and the federal government have cracked down on air pollution problems, and a catalytic converter assists in reducing toxic emissions from your exhaust pipe/s.

Over the years catalytic converters have become standard features in automobiles. These devices make your vehicle’s emissions somewhat cleaner, thus decreasing atmospheric pollution. A Toyota catalytic converter (like other catalytic converters) reduces harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrous oxide. These harmful pollutants are transformed into nitrogen gas, water and carbon dioxide. Only carbon dioxide is up for debate for global warming issues from vehicles. Carbon dioxide may be harmful to the earth’s atmosphere to some extent, but the use of catalytic converters is definitely an advantage over past vehicles throughout history that never had a catalytic converter and released the harmful gases mentioned earlier. Another benefit is that lead is also reduced with a Toyota catalytic converter, and a catalytic converter only functions with unleaded gasoline. If you think that your Toyota catalytic converter may be going out, it is best to take it in to a professional that can diagnose the problem instead of assuming it is something else that can be fixed at a later time. Catalytic Converters Online sells high quality catalytic converters for most makes and models, and our converters meet local and federal emission standards. We have instructions on how to install a catalytic converter and tech tips for you to know about your Toyota catalytic converter.

Catalytic Converters Online also sells Pre-Catalyst Units, and warranty information is also available. Some examples of a Toyota catalytic converter include the Toyota Avalon Catalytic Converter: Direct Fit Replacement Catalytic Converter, Toyota Corolla Catalytic Converter: Standard Duty Universal Replacement Catalytic Converter, Toyota Supra Catalytic Converter: Standard Duty Universal Replacement Catalytic Converter along with numerous other converters for Toyota models. You can also visit our how converters work page in order to find out how a catalytic converter functions within your vehicle, and be sure to check out our FAQ section just in case you have a question that might already have an answer, otherwise one of our professionals will be happy to assist you. Contact us anytime with questions about our catalytic converters, which catalytic converter is right for you or about a Toyota catalytic converter for your Toyota vehicle.

If you happen to be shopping for multiple catalytic converters, you should also know that we carry Honda catalytic converters, Nissan catalytic converters, Ford catalytic converters, Mazda catalytic converters, Jeep catalytic converters, Isuzu catalytic converters, Land Rover catalytic converters and converters for all makes and models not already mentioned.