Eastern ECO Series Catalytic Converters

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Designed to help keep the Check Engine Light (MIL) off

Our new ECO Series converters feature washcoats with greater loadings of precious metals to handle applications with ultra low emissions, or higher than normal emissions, as well as vehicles with higher mileage and heavier workloads.

Eastern ECO Series catalytic converters are available in most Universal configurations and in Direct-fit configurations for vehicle applications that require their advanced catalytic capabilities.

ECO II CARB Image.jpg

CARB compliant Universal and Direct-fit converters.

Learn more about ECO CARB Series.

ECO II Image.jpg

Designed to be effective on most complex or second generation on board diagnostic (OBD II) systems.

ECO III Image.jpg

Designed with twice the amount of Rhodium to help keep the MIL off on vehicles with high mileage, low emissions, or higher than normal emissions.

ECO GM Image.jpg

Developed specifically to meet the emissions challenges of GM 2.2, 3.1, 3.4, and 3.8L engines.

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