California ARB Aftermarket Catalytic Converter Information

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Catalytic Converters Online exclusively uses Catalytic Converters manufactured by suppliers listed on the California ARB list of approved manufacturers.

This information comes directly from CARB, and was last copied from on 7-1-11.

The Air Resources Board's (ARB) California Evaluation Procedures for New Aftermarket Non-Original Equipment Catalytic Converters (California Procedures) were adopted by the Board on August 19, 1988. An interim procedure, Optional Evaluation Procedures for New Aftermarket Non-Original Equipment Catalytic Converters, was set up to address requirements specific to catalytic converters for vehicles equipped with on-board diagnostics II (OBD II) systems and went into effect on December 2001. These regulations require new aftermarket catalytic converters to comply with requirements of Title 13, California Code of Regulations (CCR) section 2222(h) in order to be exempted from California's anti-tampering law (Vehicle Code section 27156), thereby allowing them to be offered for sale, sold, installed or used in California.

The ARB adopted revised regulations and evaluation procedures in October 2007 for the approval of new aftermarket catalytic converters sold in California. The requirements apply to all new aftermarket converters produced for sale or sold in California after January 1, 2009. The requirements also sunset provisions allowing the sale of certified used catalytic converters beginning July 10, 2008. This means that no used converter can be legally advertised for sale, sold, or installed in California after this date.

Installer’s Checklist for New Aftermarket Catalytic Converters

  • The vehicle model is specifically included in the application list for the catalytic converter model I intend to install, and the converter model is approved for use in California.
  • I have verified that the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty for the stock catalytic converter has expired. Warranties will range from a minimum of 7 years/70,000 miles to 15 years/150,000 miles. Consult the owner’s manual.
  • I have confirmed the need for a replacement catalytic converter. If the stock converter is still installed, a diagnosis that it is malfunctioning is required.
  • The replacement converter will be installed in the same location as the stock converter (the front face location will be within three inches compared to the stock design).
  • All oxygen sensors will remain installed in their stock location(s).
  • The catalytic converter will be installed on a “one-for one” basis (only one OEM converter is being replaced by the converter to be installed). Decreasing or increasing the number of catalytic converters (compared to the stock configuration) is prohibited.
  • WarrantyCard - I have:
    • filled out the warranty card
    • obtained the customer’s signature on the card
    • attached the card to the original repair invoice
    • returned a copy of the warranty card to the catalytic converter manufacturer
  • I have filed and will maintain a copy of all documentation for a period of at least four years from the date of the catalytic converter installation.

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